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This website introduces visitors to the South African Embassy in Switzerland and provides information about the Embassy and the various activities that each section is responsible for. It also provides valuable links to other South African government departments’ websites.

The South African Embassy in Switzerland was established in 1932. However, due to the Second World War, the office relocated to London from where it operated until 1954 when officials returned to Switzerland.

In 1993 the Embassy was also accredited to the Holy See and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Since 1994 the relations between South Africa and Switzerland have been growing from strength to strength. In 2005, Switzerland identified South Africa as one of its strategic partners in Africa.

The conduct and management of bilateral relations between the two countries is done through the High Level consultations launched in 2008.

Trade volumes between the two countries have seen fundamental grows over the years; over 150 Swiss companies have opened operations in South Africa, thus contributing to Direct Foreign Investment (FDI).
As South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy in 2014 we work towards stengthening this co-operation. 

The Embassy plays a critical role in the enhancement and consolidation of bilateral relations with Switzerland, the Holy See and the Principality of Liechtenstein in the following areas: culture, social, economic and political.

We hope you will find the site exciting and insightful.

Political Section

The Political Section reports to the South African Department of Foreign Affairs on political developments in Switzerland, and on Switzerland’s relations with other countries. These reports are a basic ingredient in the formulation of foreign policy.
Specific topics our two governments discuss on a regular basis are bilateral relations, bilateral trade, and other opportunities for cooperation.
The Political Section also organizes visits to & fro South Africa by government officials, CEOs and social groups.
For an overview of South African foreign policy, speeches and statements, visit the South African Government website:

Economic Section: Trade & Investment

The Economic Section in Berne is one of the Department of Trade & Industry's 44 foreignoffices.

Its objectives are: 

  • To promote South African exports
  • To encourage foreign investment in South Africa
  • To encourage technology transfers between South Africa and other countries
  • To improve bilateral trade between South Africa and the host country
  • The Department of Trade & Industry helps South African companies and
    organisations find the right business contacts for their products and services.
    The Economic Section in Berne helps South African exporters to locate export
    markets and expand their business in Switzerland. 

Culture Section

The Information Resource Service at the South African Embassy provides a wealth of resources and detailed information on all aspects of South African life and culture, arts, politics, education, and tourism
The goal is to serve the mission in Switzerland, the media, and the general public.

We support South African musicians and artists visiting and performing in Switzerland, we further support and promote South African musicians and artists living in Switzerland.

We are currently updating the South African Events page. 



The purpose of the Administration Division within the Embassy is to support the Ambassador, all line function officers and other levels of staff with financial and logistical services, in order for them to carry out their responsibilities effectively, efficiently and in the most economical way which is consistent with the Public Finance Management Act and the Treasury Regulations.


Responsible for the rendering of consular services to South African citizens in distress when travelling abroad and to render other consular services to clients from Switzerland.

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